Holy Family School of Faith focuses on the development of the whole person. It challenges students to live out the Gospel message while pursuing academic excellence. The school also offers many opportunities for ministry involvement. Students can serve as lectors, altar servers, and liturgy planners, among many other activities.

The school offers a two-year course of study based on the Catholic faith. This program combines eight distance learning courses and four intensive sessions. The goal is to prepare participants to become Spiritual Mentors who can lead others on the path to holiness. It is geared towards Catholics who aspire to deepen their faith and become more deeply involved in the Catholic community. The course also helps participants to build virtues, such as prayer, charity, and compassion.

They offer a wide variety of faith-based programs for children and adults. The school offers a weekly rosary meditation program that features speakers from the Hispanic community and Sisters from Fraternity the Poor of Jesus Christ. The rosary is a powerful catechesis and evangelization tool that helps people draw closer to God and contemplate God’s mercy. Students learn how to pray the rosary and experience the Law of Living, a powerful tool to grow in faith.

Holy Family School of Faith is rooted in the Catholic tradition, but students from all faiths are welcome. Students are required to complete eight semesters of theology and participate in a yearly class retreat. They are also encouraged to volunteer in their community and to spread their talents outward. For example, they may become the school’s lectors, altar servers, or liturgy planners.

Holy Family School of Faith offers daily rosary meditation audio podcasts in Spanish and English. The recordings are live and accessible for free on the school’s website. It’s a great way to become more familiar with the rosary and how it affects the body.

The school offers a variety of benefits to parents. One such benefit is that tuition is tax-deductible. Holy Family School also participates in a Christian sports league, which helps to promote Christian values and the importance of working together as a team. The school also requires its coaches to undergo fingerprint background checks. Tuition fees and a parish contribution support the school’s annual budget. Parent volunteers are expected to work on fundraising campaigns for the school.

Another benefit of Holy Family School is its location in a Catholic community. Its parents and parishioners have been a part of the school for several generations. In addition to financial support, parishioners also contribute to the school by attending school functions and participating in projects. In this way, they help students develop strong Christian character and be active community members.